eCommerce and ERP Integration: What it is and how it matters?

eCommerce and ERP Integration: What it is and how it matters?

eCommerce businesses are targeted to scale up much more rapidly than the brick and mortar businesses. Scaling up challenges are however non-trivial, and require technical support to be effectively addressed. Besides intuitive customer-facing portals, eCommerce businesses also need robust enterprise-class solutions to cope with the growing transaction volumes. The solution needs to effectively integrate front-end user experience with backend operations – for Order Fulfillment, Supply-chain Management, Logistics, and Customer Service and help track metrics like transaction based profitability. Requisition Planning, Enquiry Management, Order Processing, Warehouse Management, Cancellation & Returns Management are complex processes, particularly when the transactions volumes become large, and need automation. Thus the requirement of a robust and customized ERP solution for e-commerce companies becomes inevitable to survive in the fast and challenging environment.

 Increasing business volumes also demand faster transaction processing, efficient shipment scheduling, prompt customer service, and agility in the tracking of various performance parameters to ensure profitability. eCommerce business processes are quite complex and need to work in perfect coordination between the storefront and the ERP solution. Providing solutions for this industry requires deep domain knowledge and years of dedicated practice in this space.

ALLETEC eCommerce solution

Alletec’s ERP Solution for eCommerce companies – robust, scalable and flexible – enables online businesses to efficiently manage all aspects of their operations seamlessly. It integrates the virtual storefront with the mid & back office and facilitates real-time communication flow across the organization while also enabling collaborative communication with vendors and customers.

The business processes addressed by the solution include:

Order ManagementSales Order Booking, Order Invoicing, Order Fulfillment and Status Sync with Webshop
Material ManagementPurchase Planning, Vendor Administration and Inventory Management
LogisticsCourier Allocation, Shipping, Delivery, Collection, and Status Reconciliation
Customer ServicePre-Sales Enquiry Handling, Order Cancellation, Returns & Refund Processing
Financial ManagementPayables & Receivables Management, Bank Reconciliation

Built on the world-class Microsoft Dynamics ERP platform, the ERP solution for e-commerce companies improves customer experience – the backbone for business survival – by enabling efficient catalog management, prompt product availability, management of prices & discount schemes, faster deliveries, flexible payment options, persistent customer service & hassle free sales return process. All this is enabled through a supply chain integrated end-to-end. Backed by a futuristic framework, the ERP for e-commerce solution provides a platform of process discipline and commercial controls that would serve the underlying business interests effectively. It works effectively for a single as well as multi-company setups. Business models supported by the solution include Cut & Pay Model, Drop Shipment Model and Back to Back Model.

If you’ve been working to solve business challenges through technology, integrating your eCommerce system with your back office software is a great way to accomplish your goals. From customers to catalog management, and accounting to shipping requirements, through the placement of two-way communication between the eCommerce system and the ERP, your organization will save time, money and effort, ultimately promoting growth.

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