The New Power BI Enhancements lets You Share Reports

The New Power BI Enhancements lets You Share Reports

The Power BI tool was introduced by Microsoft with a simple commitment of empowering the people and organizations to access critical intelligence. Since then it has evolved over time by adding more and more features to it, like sharing the information. The update in June 2017 for the general availability of Power BI, which announced the feature for the organizations to distribute the BI content broadly without requiring recipients to be licensed individually.

By November 2017, the new update in Power BI revealed its renewed June update which facilitated its users to seamlessly distribute Power BI apps and dashboards with their guest users outside of their organization. The new enhancement lets the recipient to securely sign into the service using their own company security credentials or personal email ID, While the content owner is able to maintain control over the internal data.

This new feature is an outcome of the integration of Power BI with Azure Active Directory (AD) business-to-business (B2B) collaboration. This can be upgraded in the systems with the help of their Power BI implementation partners.

This can be explained with a simple example. Let’s take an automobile manufacturing company which works with many diverse suppliers and wants to streamline its supply chain logistics- all the components, materials, and services necessary to run its manufacturing operations. The company plans to use Power BI to monitor key supply chain performance metrics by building a BI portal and its employees and partners can access.

 Previously the challenge was that if the automaker wanted to grant access to guest users outside the organization, the automaker would have to create duplicate identities for the users. This would make it difficult for the users to remember multiple sets of credentials, and pose a challenge for governance enforcement and identity management. The alternative to this was that the automaker could have invested the time and cost for building an app with Power BI Embedded which could employ custom authentication.

With the new feature release, enabling secure access to guest users from partner organizations- the automaker can create a Power BI app in the service, inviting guest users and distributing Power BI content to them. This could be accessed by authenticating via their organization’s Azure AD credentials.

To receive the BI content, the external users can be licensed in two ways-  either by allocating the content to Power BI Premium capacity or by assigning the external user a Power BI Pro license. These licenses can be upgraded with the help of the Power BI partners of the organization or contact Microsoft.

With the integration of Power BI with Azure AD B2B, the organizations can reap the benefit of employing the trusted Azure AD authorization policies to protect their data, including conditional access policies and risk-based authentication. It also enables the Admins to set policies to turn off or restrict the ability of users to send external B2B invites.

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