Data Strategy and Microsoft Data Analytics For A Private Equity Investor

Alletec helps UK based Actis LLP establish their Data Strategy and leverage Microsoft Data Analytics

About the Client

  • ACTIS LLP (ACTIS) is recognized as a leading private equity investor in emerging markets and has been investing exclusively in these markets for nearly 60 years. ACTIS has its presence in over 20+ countries across the globe.
  • ACTIS operates via a centralized back-office, with this team churning out more than 800 reports on a Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Year and an Annual basis to the Board, Senior Management and Investors.
  • Reporting requires compilation of data from all organizational functions: Funds, Finance, Operations, HR etc.
  • Multiple disjoint business applications used across the organization make this Reporting highly complex and time consuming.


  • Develop a ‘Data’ strategy with the Actis Business and IT stakeholders, in line with the Business and Financial KPIs – storage, compilation, slicing and dicing, visualization being the key aspects
  • Architect an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) using Microsoft Technologies like SQL and Azure – build complex cubes getting data from the backend Dynamics ERP.
  • Build a seamless data integration layer from the ERP to the EDW – utilizing off peak business hours
  • Use SSRS and Power BI to build the needed visualizations and complex data calculations.
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