Migration Of Financials To NAV For A Job Portal

Naukri.com Leverages NAV to Achieve Standardization & Control

About the Client

  • Naukri.com, a leading job portal, is the most prominent business of Info Edge – India’s premier online classifieds company. It is engaged in providing recruitment classifieds and related services to job seekers, and Corporate Customers (employers and recruitment consultants). 
  • Back then, Naukri was witnessing huge surge in business volumes – a database of about 17 million registered job seekers and 34,000 Corporate Customers. It had over 70,000 live job listings on a single day with an average of over 14,000 resumes being added per day to its database. 
  • The growing volume of transactions were tough to handle with the then used home-grown system – which needed a complete revamp to meet the changing business needs. 


The core operations were being managed by a homegrown system which was hitting limits on its ability to take higher volumes – with ~ 6000-7000 sales orders being logged every month – and product feature assortment. Besides, lack of a standard system posed the following challenges:  

  • Inconsistencies in prices and discount structures etc. – leading to irregularities in business documents like purchase order, sales order, sales invoice that were generated remotely at different units. Moreover, sales & purchase orders were not booked centrally which made data reliability a concern.  
  • Limitations in new product/combo creation or product feature revision which in turn resulted in unmet customer expectations.
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