Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018

Dynamics NAV takes a Technology leap with NAV 2018

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 brings a powerful set of new functionalities and enhancements, which are compelling for most businesses. The most important new inclusions are:

  • Correction of posted invoices
  • Addition of employee sub-ledger
  • Ability to analyze financial statements in excel
  • Bulk posting of orders, invoices and credit memos
  • An optimized ‘Change Global dimensions’ feature

NAV 2018 also brings easier 3rd party integration of add-ons, as well as application of some advanced technologies like AI in its Image analyzer feature.

AI in NAV 2018

NAV 2018 uses the artificial intelligence through cognitive services in its image analyzer feature. It is used in auto-recognition of images for an item, or, in HR context, an employee in a company, where the attributes get automatically detected and updated in NAV. Read More

Improved third party system integration in NAV 2018

Earlier SOAP or REST API were used to integrate third party software in NAV. NAV 2018 now brings the REST API interface. It now has 44 entities providing access to business entities related to core functionality such as company information, journal entry, customer and vendor management, sales and purchasing documents and financial reporting. These entities provide ‘configurable’ integration in NAV 2018. Read More

Availability and release of NAV 2018

NAV 2018 has so far been released for 22 countries, besides the Worldwide (W1) version. Localized versions for other countries are expected in the coming months.

Country releases:

AU- Australia, AT- Austria, BE- Belgium, CA- Canada, CZ- Czech Republic, DK- Denmark, FI- Finland, FR- France, DE- Germany, IS, Iceland, IT- Italy, MX- Mexico, NL- Netherlands, NZ- New Zealand, NO- Norway, ES- Spain, SE- Sweden, CH- Switzerland, UK- United Kingdom, US- United States, NA- North America, RU- Russia, W1

Upgrade to NAV 2018 with Alletec

The experience of over 150 successful NAV upgrade projects makes Alletec amongst the most reliable partners. These projects have been delivered to customers from across the world, for diverse industry segments, with varied level of complexities, and starting with different base versions.

What we need from you is the following:

  • A decision to upgrade to NAV 2018
  • Set of the custom objects (.fob) from your existing NAV database
  • A couple of calls/meetings to finalize the migration approach

Within a week’s time we will have an upgrade strategy in place and should be ready to start when you are ready!

Frequently Asked Questions

We are currently using the Classic client of NAV. What does it take to upgrade to NAV 2018?

Upgrading from classic client to NAV 2018 is very much possible. Few additional technical activities are needed in this case in comparison to an Upgrade from RTC. Custom reports and forms existing in the Classic version can be reviewed to assess if all of them are required in NAV 2018. Enhanced reporting capabilities available in the Dashboards can definitely be leveraged.

Is my existing NAV version currently supported by Microsoft?

Currently, following versions are supported by Microsoft

  • NAV 2018
  • NAV 2017
  • NAV 2016
  • NAV 2015
  • NAV 2013 R2 (End Date was 9th January 2018)

Scenarios where Re-implementation shall be considered over technical Upgrade?

Scenarios worth considering a Re-implementation decision include:

  • We are currently running a very old version of NAV
  • Expansion of business is not supported by the current NAV version
  • The scale of Customizations is large – includes multiple unknown customizations and no requirement documents available with current team
  • Duplicate/ Incorrect data in the current version – needs data sanitization

What will be the cost to upgrade in NAV 2018?

A million-dollar question which is difficult to be answered in black and white.

A version upgrade depends on many factors , putting one cost which applies in all cases is not possible.

In our approach we just need your fob file (NAV objects from the existing version) for us to share with you your NAV 2018 upgrade cost. Our endeavor is to give to you a successful upgrade within the cost shared with you.

What time should we budget to upgrade to NAV 2018?

Technically upgrading to NAV 2018 all customizations from the existing version should take anywhere between 3-4 calendar weeks. An additional week or so should be budgeted for migrating the existing data to NAV 2018. Your upgrade partner shall be able to share with you the exact time depending on some critical factors:

  • Add-ons used with the current version - to be upgraded to NAV 2018 or dropped
  • All customization to be upgraded vs. Selective customization to be upgraded to NAV 2018
  • All historical data vs. Open entries to be migrated to NAV 2018
  • Any process/customization/integration redesign needed

How will our existing Customizations be treated during NAV 2018 Upgrade?

The customization in the existing version may be of different complexity and across various business/NAV processes. It is always worthy to consider the set of customizations critical/must have for the business and then map these with the NAV 2018 functionality. A decision on whether a particular existing customization can be removed by mapping the business need with a standard NAV 2018 feature, is important at this stage.

What happens to our historical business data if we upgrade to NAV 2018?

During Upgrade all the Historical data can be moved to the new version. In case data is required for any specific period then data older to the specific period is not upgraded and rests in the older version. NAV 2018 only contains the data you actually need.

Shall our integrations work seamlessly if we upgrade to NAV 2018?

The integration protocol in NAV 2018 has been improved by the introduction of an ‘API’ Page type – allowing the integration to be configurable rather than customizable. Standard APIs for masters like Customer, Vendor, Item, Sales Order, Sales Invoices and Currencies are available for use. There is no need to worry about the existing integrations – some of these can actually be configured in NAV 2018.

How will our add-ons be treated during NAV 2018 upgrade?

An Add-on solution is an ISV solution implemented together with the ‘out of the box’ NAV application in order to increase the coverage of the business processes in NAV. Considering a version upgrade requires a careful review of the existing add-on solutions to arrive at two primary decision points:

  • Are we satisfied with the functionality available in a specific add-on solution? Would we need this in the NAV 2018 version as well?
  • We bought an add-on solution but have not been able to use it due to various reasons. Should we carry forward or drop it while upgrading to NAV 2018?

What new features will be available if we upgrade to NAV 2018?

Apart from the User Productivity enhancers like User Task feature enabling a user to create task specific reminders, addition of ‘Employee’ type in Journal to record separate Employee entries, OCR to get vendor invoices auto created, other important NAV 2018 features include;

  • Analyzing Financial Statements in Microsoft Excel
  • Computer Vision API Image Analyzer
  • Function to create correct or cancel posted invoice
  • Notifications regarding missing posting setups
  • Orders/ Invoice/ Credit Memo bulk posting
  • Improved Change global dimensions’ report
  • Migration from QuickBooks
  • Power BI reporting

Dynamics NAV - Journey towards the cloud

Why Use Alletec Dynamics NAV Upgrade Services?

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Melvin Yan

“Our experience with Alletec and team was tremendous. Their pragmatic approach allows non-seasonal ERP users to get a real understanding on what is to come and what to "demand". Their consultant team are very knowledgeable with the Dynamics NAV ERP product, and could play an active and effective role in bridging between our company's business processes and the ERP capabilities.”

Melvin Yan CFO JMATEK, Hongkong
Manoj Jha
Alletec has been a great help to us in managing our day to day operations and improvement of our ERP Navision system. Their attention towards responsiveness, detailing & focus on long term results is worth appreciating. Overall Alletec has been a good service partner and we look forward to a sustained partnership with them.”
Manoj Jha Head Finance and Accounts
Ravi Rooprai
I have worked with Alletec for a little under a year and have nothing but great words to describe my experiences with their level of expertise and quality of work. Their staff is friendly and knowledgeable with the MS environment and provides an economical advantage over local developers without sacrificing any level of communication or understanding. Alletec is more than a developer, they are a partner with whom we can grow for years to come.”
Ravi Rooprai Cooks Direct , USA
Asian Paints
We are extremely happy; despite all possible complexities.. Alletec took the first implementation live in flat 3 months, 10 days. This seems to be like a dream come true
Asian Paints Head - Strategic Planning and IT
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