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Real Estate Business Becomes Easy!
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Real Estate Business Becomes Easy!

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The Real Estate business has traditionally been ad-hoc and unstructured. Real Estate Developers have always had a high dependence on brokers. Customer intimacy and structured cultivation of broker channels have remained neglected areas. Extreme competition in recent years and increase in the spending power of middle & upper middle class have however made the needs of Customer Centricity and Broker Management crucial to business success. Harnessing broker loyalty and up-sell/ cross-sell opportunities with existing customers have become as important, if not more, as seeking new customers. Many property developers and real estate managers are already managing buyers' inquiries, investor relationships, and project information. However, you probably have a myriad of various disconnected systems - from Excel to rigid and unfriendly databases. These could hamper rather than empower your business.

DynaEstate – built on the world-class platform of Microsoft Dynamics CRM & other technologies – enables you to keep ‘the customer’ at the center of your business operations and enhance the productivity of your Marketing, Sales, Customer Care, and Broker Management operations.

Typical business pains experienced in Real estate businesses include:

Inquiry Leakages – High volume of incoming leads from various sources (website, email, SMS. IVR, referrals) result in salespeople & brokers getting consumed in some opportunities – and neglecting some others. Loss of leads, inefficient lead assignments, lack of formal sales pipeline tracking mechanism – results in dissatisfied patrons & high cumulative potential business loss.

Ad-hoc Broker Management – Inefficient Channel (Broker) Management – ineffective communication & scheme disbursal, poor performance tracking, slow-moving commissions, delayed grievance redressal and perceived lack of transparency – result in lack of broker loyalty & affects your brand in the market. This in turn results in potential revenue loss.

Disintegrated Customer Information – Customer Information is captured in different systems at different stages of the customer lifecycle – with duplications, gaps and often with errors. Customer data remains fragmented, unreliable and unusable. This results in absence of 3600 customer view, which in turn impacts Customer Experience, and often results in loss of referral opportunities.

Sub-Optimal Process Efficiency – Poor segmentation keeps marketing initiatives (events, fairs, email/SMS campaigns etc.) generic, making ROI and Channel effectiveness measurements tough.

Poor Customer Engagement – In a high transaction value industry like real estate, most customers demand regular correspondence & high level of service; the absence of which results in dissatisfaction & possible future retraction – impacting your brand. Customer experience is affected in the absence of constant engagement programs that are essential to sustain customer trust & boost referral revenue. Sluggish complaint handling & feedback mechanism increases the Turn-Around Time – resulting in further dissatisfaction.

At different times in your Real estate business, you must have come across any of the above-mentioned business pains or would have encountered the following questions – yourself or from any of your team members:

  • Are inquiry leakages from different channels impacting your sales pipeline adversely?
  • Are broker loyalty & performance management a major concern?
  • Are you struggling to get visitors to your sites and improve conversion ratios?
  • Are tracking marketing campaigns’ effectiveness and determining ROI a challenge?
  • Does your business present an all-around and compelling customer experience & manage customer lifecycle effectively?

If the answers to any of the above questions are yes, then you might want to consider adopting the DynaEstate solution to improve your business efficiency.

DynaEstate Solution Landscape

CRM for Real Estate Industry


Business Benefits

Sales Force Automation – DynaEstate built on CRM for Real Estate helps you increase sales force productivity with sales funnel visibility, lead tagging, lead tracking, opportunity health assessment, daily sales activity analysis, real-time forecasts, and Sales team performance management. This structured approach improves the conversion ratio.

Marketing Automation – DynaEstate helps you create the marketing calendar with the ability to segment, plan, execute & analyze campaign performance – helping determine ROI & effectiveness. It facilitates lead ownership definition and automated proactive communication with prospects/customers/brokers with the help of workflow tool. This eventually helps enhance customer experience & build trust. You get data to plan your future marketing campaigns more effectively.

Enhanced Customer Experience – DynaEstate (built on CRM for Real Estate Industry) helps integrate with the Contact Center and provide 360-degree view of customer information. You can monitor any SLA (Service Level Agreement) breach & TAT (Turn Around Time), and ensure timely & effective queries/grievance resolution. A self-service Customer Portal may be custom-built and integrated to keep customers acquainted of their account information, payment schedule and project status and allow downloading of invoices & receipts. Besides, continuous communication maintained through targeted marketing campaigns & relevant correspondences also contribute to enhanced customer experience and help realize more cross-sell/ up-sell opportunities.

Broker Loyalty & Performance Management – Custom-built and integrated Broker Portal helps improve Broker Relationships & boost loyalty by ensuring transparency of lead status & customer information. It allows sharing of lead references & incentive status, validate bookings & keep a track of broker-wise performance. Recognizing and rewarding your most valuable brokers boosts your business, and provides information to help you cultivate new brokers.

CRM for Real Estate IndiaCRM for Real Estate Industry



Is your real estate CRM easy to learn and use?
Yes, compared to other real estate contact management systems DynaEstate is remarkably quick to learn and easy to use.

What is your privacy policy?
Our Software values your privacy and never sells or distributes contact information or email addresses. View our privacy policy.

How will I Manage my documents inside the CRM?
Yes, DynaEstate is designed to allow you an Intranet of sorts. You can upload your company documents and share them with your team. You can also keep your documents private and/or share them!
Document types: .doc, .pdf., .xls, .tiff, .jpg

Mention what are the most important modules in CRM?
The most important modules in CRM include:
• Marketing
• Inventory
• Sales
• Service Desk

Do you offer support in my local area?
Absolutely! Our headquarters are based out in Noida and we provide support in the local area as well as for our remote server implantations as well. We have our branches in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Kolkata. Apart from the Indian territory we also provide support to our customers located in the US, UK, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Dubai among others.

List out some of the questions that help you decide whether you need a CRM system?

If you have the following questions unanswered you might need a CRM solution,

• Do you know how many customer service issues each customer has had, and why?
• Are you assured that all the leads in the sales pipeline are being followed up?
• Is your team communicating well with potential clients?

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Author: Siddharth Naudiyal


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 About Alletec

Alletec has been a leading provider of Business Technology Solutions & IT Services to Growth Companies since 2000. Recognized consistently by Microsoft to be amongst their top Business solution provider. Developing and delivering customized business solutions it has developed a software solution built on CRM for Real Estate Industry and other technologies named as DynaEstate. Alletec has been part of the global elite Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle and President's Club. Working with customers in India, APAC, Hongkong, Europe, USA, Africa, and Middle-East. 




posted by Feng
Thursday, 28 June 2018 10:11

Zhè kuǎn yòng yú fángdìchǎn de DynaEstate CRM ruǎnjiàn shìfǒu yě jùyǒu qīngsōng jíchéng de dì sānfāng yìngyòng chéngxù?

posted by Jules Polonetsky
Thursday, 01 February 2018 09:24

Is this CRM solution for real estate also advantagious to businesses dealing with multiple agents?

posted by Matt Weik
Thursday, 01 February 2018 09:21

This article is very appropriate for real estate businesses looking for CRM solution. nicely written.

posted by Philip Ramenov
Thursday, 01 February 2018 09:14

Is this DynaEstate CRM solution for real estate companies customizable?

posted by Evan Kirstel
Monday, 29 January 2018 07:24

This article quit efficiently explains the business pains and the solution for them through the DynaEstate CRM software for real estate companies. I must say great read This was something I was searching for.

posted by Daymond John
Monday, 29 January 2018 07:19

Does this DynaEstate CRM software for real estate also come with the easy integration of third-party applications?

posted by Samule James
Monday, 29 January 2018 07:13

This DynaEstate solution built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM looks very interesting and beneficial for the Real estate companies. I have dropped a mail on the link. Please get back to me asap as I would like a demo of this software.

posted by Rishab Mahipal
Monday, 29 January 2018 07:09

This article is very nicely written in context to someone running a Real Estate business. Very helpful article, thanks for sharing.

posted by Tanishq Jain
Monday, 29 January 2018 07:01

I am working for a real estate business, and we were currently experiencing similar business pains in our operations. It would be very grateful if you could help us connect with consultants who could guide us in CRM software solution for real estate industry.

posted by Kevin James
Monday, 29 January 2018 06:59

This article is very well written. Clearly emphasizes on the benefit of the CRM software solution in real estate industry .

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