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How a Leading NGO Facilitated Funds Movement?

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ERP has reduced the fund transfer time to less than 24 hours in most cases

Save The Children works through a lot of partners. We don’t work directly on the ground, we work through partner NGOs. Lot of local Indian NGOs, 110 of them are our partners. We fund them and then they do the work on our behalf; and we monitor and report back. That’s the mechanism of working.

One the things that we have seen tangibly change is the speed & effectiveness of funds movement. In the past, one of our major challenges was provisioning funds to the partners in a timely manner. We have to make sure that the implementation on ground is not impacted due to the lack of funds. So that was one of the first things to be implemented in NAV and SharePoint.

The request for funds from partners moves really quickly now. The turnaround time is sometimes less than 24 hours which earlier used to range anywhere between 8-10 days and sometimes was as high as a month – in cases where people working in remote areas wouldn’t even get the funds approved in a month’s cycle. But with NAV in place, almost transformationally, the timeline has been reduced.

Now, in most cases its less than 24 hours going up to a maximum of 2 days or so where you have to get the money to the remotest areas. And that delay in movement occurs because we work with partners, partners move their request to the state office, state office moves the fund request to the head office and the head office makes a transfer to the partner directly. Previously, that cycle itself used to take a lot of time because of the manual validations that were required. But now, it is really quick, it’s almost in real time. If somebody raises a request, somebody just approves it – then it comes to finance for processing. And the finance just checks the basic EFCRA no. and the bank no. which is also a part of the database in any case which has been built up because the partner database is also sitting in the NAV. So it validates all the payment details and then generates a payment advice and it just happens.

It’s good to see that these things are happening very fast because this is critical in our work. That’s what we exist for basically – to make sure that there is money when and where it is needed.

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