Why Microsoft Azure For SaaS Services?

Flexible Pay As You Go payments

When you use a service on a SaaS-based model, you don’t have to make the upfront payment for on-premise hardware installation, software licenses etc. There is a standard subscription plan available which you can scale to meet your organizational needs. Except for minimum license requirements and discount based commitments, there are no limiting factors when you plan to upsize or downsize your plan.

Scalable Solutions

The solutions offer practically infinite scalability to meet your future needs. Whether you are a startup or a large multinational when you implement an on-premise solution, you invest a lot of resources in expectation of future needs. The JIT(Just In Time) scalability is the most significant offering of Azure cloud saving millions for businesses. You pay only for the resources you use today and can upgrade to a bigger infrastructure when you grow.

Automatic updates

Azure cloud is a global network of 1000’s of nodes available in more than 60 locations around the world. These nodes have a dedicated team of infrastructure and security engineers who continuously work to ensure that the systems are always up to date with the latest software, patches and updates.


Azure cloud gives you the power to make your organization work across the globe on different platforms and devices on one integrated system. The Azure cloud SaaS applications are easily accessible from any device having internet. The ability to limit and allocate access permissions for each device type gives you the ability to expand the access while keeping a check on security vulnerabilities.


Microsoft Azure is the most reliable platform to get a SaaS solution from any provider around the world. All major SaaS providers offer their services using the Azure cloud. Powerful computing, JIT(Just In Time) resource allocation, etc. make your solution more reliable than ever.


The latest security features and threat assessment is done at all levels, be it a firewall, operating system, platform or anything else. There is a dedicated team of security experts working to mitigate threats at all levels. There is another added benefit on the Azure cloud if the system detects a threat at one server anywhere on the planet, every other server is updated and prepared well in advance.

Our Services


Azure SaaS Services - Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 suite on Azure streamlines all your core business applications like E-Mail, Calendar, documents and many more. Take advantage of office 365 platform to secure, collaborate and optimize all your business activities using office 365 platform. Office 365 platform on Azure is a subscription-based online platform which allows you to scale up or down the number of licenses as per your business needs. Alletec provides its customers end to end support for

  • Office 365 Need Assessment
  • Office 365 Migration Planning
  • Office 365 Migration
  • Office 365 Licensing

Azure SaaS Services - Dynamics 365

The powerful dynamics platform is now available on the Azure Cloud. You do not need to worry about the on-premise worries of server installation, networking and maintenance. You can use the powerful Dynamics Platform with all integrations, customized applications and third-party integrations on Azure cloud. If you are already using an on-premise Dynamics solution, we can help you gradually migrate from on-premise to Azure cloud using our strategic Hybrid Migration methodology.


Azure SaaS Services - Customized SaaS Solutions

Looking for an industry or organization-specific SaaS solution for your business, Alletec can help you build a customized solution on Microsoft Azure Cloud using open source and Microsoft platforms as per your business needs. If your business has a bottleneck that you are looking to solve, we can design the perfect solution to meet your business needs.

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