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Digital Transformation - unlike the (mere) automation of processes, use of mobile applications, or pushing IT infrastructure and applications to the cloud - is about reimagining how people, processes, products, and data are brought together - for customer value, and competitive advantage.

The rapidly increasing number of products are today connected. They consume, as well as generate data, making usage monitoring and personalization of services possible. Organizations are thus moving from product selling to experience selling.

Of all the changes an organization needs to undergo a successful digital transformation, the changes in IT are the most resource-intensive and time-consuming. While this journey would invariably be traversed step-at-a-time, with each organization having it's own starting points, level of maturity and pace of transformation, here are the five dimensions around which the journey of digital transformation will progress, and can be measured.

  • Information Systems: Covers automation of organization processes, including - back-office systems, ERP, Core business systems, systems for employee enablement, and even the elementary CRM
  • Customer Experience: Covers the main customer-facing elements, including portals, apps, and multi-channel commerce
  • Internet of Things (IoT): Brings the ability to connect physical assets, and edge devices, for monitoring, optimization, control, and monetization.
  • Ecosystem Integration: Covers API has driven integration with external systems, market places, and communities.
  • Analytics and AI: Fueled by Big Data, Cloud and Algorithms, these result in capabilities for data-driven decision making, descriptive, predictive and prescriptive intelligence, machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

In a digital organization, these systems are built with interoperable services that can co-create applications, apps, and workflows.

How can you ensure your digital transformation a success? The success in the digital age requires new technologies, new processes and new strategies. While Microsoft has the solutions to support your digital transformation by empowering both your employees and consumers, Alletec has the skills to build it for you.

Alletec helps you conceptualize and build these components with Dynamics 365, Azure, Power Platform, mobility & collaboration solutions, and partners your journey to successfully becoming a digital organization.

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