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Dynamics 365 for Sales enables your sales team to build strong relationships with customers and turn those relationships into revenue. Go beyond sales automation by empowering your sales team to better understand customers with the digital intelligence and productivity tools provided by Dynamics 365 Sales. Exceed buyer’s expectations by taking actions based on intelligent insights and close deals faster.

Dynamics 365 for Sales provides AI-driven sales automation and management platform for the organizations looking to improve the effectiveness of their sales process. Get a 360-degree view of customers and opportunities, simplify sales execution, track sales performance and maximize revenue opportunities.
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The key features of Microsoft Dynamics for Sales are:
  • Personalized Customer Engagement
  • Simplified Sales Execution
  • Improved Sales Performance
  • AI-driven Smart Selling

Personalized Customer Engagement
Dynamics 365 is seamlessly integrated with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Which lets your sales team get insights on customer-centric content to build customer’s trust. It enables you to find opportunities to nurture relationships and generate sales. Personalize each customer interaction using information from a single source of truth to keep your sales team informed and be better prepared for every sales interaction. Allow your team members to co-create personalize sales documents with embedded office 365 tools.

Simplified Sales Execution
Improve sales effectiveness by giving your team social insights, up-to-date company information, holistic view of customers, leads, connects, and opportunities in their pipeline. This targeted and guided information with rich customer profiling enables salespeople to engage in meaningful conversations. Get up-sell and cross-sell recommendations. Work anytime anywhere, even when there’s no connectivity, with an offline mobile application.

Improved Sales Performance
Achieve your targets by setting goals, prioritizing the top goals and monitoring results. Gain visibility and insights into sales performance and effectiveness with real-time dashboards and analytics. Get timely feedback and take corrective actions. Meet objectives and achieve your goals by motivating and energizing your entire team with fun and exciting team-based unique gamification solutions. Replace repetitive tasks with automated intelligent workflows (email notifications, guided workflows, and smart alert cards) to reduce administrative tasks thereby increasing the selling time of your sales team

AI-driven Smart Selling
Guide salespeople with the next best step to move each customer relationship forward. Gain better insights by connecting Power BI to bring sales data to life with graphical visualizations. Optimize customer engagement, by sharing the insights on when and how customers interact with their emails, so they can be more proactive and responsive in their communications. Leverage social media to identify customer behaviors. D365 for Sales provide insights that track buyer sentiments and identify potential competitive threats.
Alletec will partner with you develop connected and unified processes to support you in selling more efficiently while providing actionable insights across your entire sales lifecycle.

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