When the needs of a customer seem unique or when a customer does not want to be restrained by the design or provisions of a product, Custom Development of the solution is the way to go. It brings to you 'made-to-order' solutions involving customized development. 

Providing 'solutions' being the focus, Alletec works with diverse technologies and tools, selecting what is appropriate in the given situation. There are teams specializing in Microsoft, Java, Oracle and Mobile technologies. Alletec builds for its customers Web-based, Desktop, Client/ Server, Cloud and Mobility solution. Trainings and high quality assignments ensure that our engineers are always equipped to handle challenges of assignments undertaken. These engineers work with a team of Business Analysts, strategy consultants and creative designers, to conceptualize, design, develop and deploy these solutions.

Usage of Aspect Oriented approach enables project teams to identify and develop common objects and components within each project. The standardized processes help development of re-usable objects, which helps speedup the development cycle. Implementing solutions using appropriate design patterns ensure optimum performance, scalability and security. Usage of third party components for standard functionalities and adaptation of industry best practices in different technology areas help reduce time to market, and enhance quality.

Project methodologies are selected based on the nature and needs of the project. Different projects have used - Waterfall, Rapid Prototyping and Agile methodologies like KANBAN, TDD & XP.

Custom Built Solutions could be developed on Turnkey or Time & Material basis. The Offshore Development and Services Center offers a variation of the Time & Material model. It provides for a seamless integration of the Alletec project team with that of the customer's.


Application Development: The Application Development services include:

  • Full life cycle implementation (Requirements Analysis, Design, Development, Testing & Implementation).
  • Application Maintenance & Support
  • Application Assessment & Auditing.
  • Migration of Legacy Application
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Feasibility Analysis/Study

Alletec teams work with Microsoft and Open Source technologies for custom developing applications.

Leveraging Alletec’s competence on Microsoft, Java and Open source platforms, together with the India advantage, outsourcing your product development becomes a compelling proposition. Securing your IP in every possible way, deploying the latest development environments, giving you the flexibility to ramp up and down at short notices, and engaging our domain experts – we free you up to focus on your core business. Product maintenance and customer support bring in for you long term benefits.
With re-engineering and migration services, we help you revisit customer needs, evolve product roadmap, re-architect the solution and develop it using newer technologies. This would include migrating legacy applications to new technologies.
Alletec has customized Rational's Unified approach to develop TRACK. A robust software development methodology, specifically designed to meet the challenges of developing systems in this Internet age, TRACK processes are focuses on the rapid prototyping and periodic delivery of tested working software that contains completed business requirements. This iterative approach allows for immediate feedback to ensure the process continually delivers business value. Based on the nature & needs of the project – Waterfall, Agile Kanban, XP and Scrum are also followed.
Custom Built Solutions could be developed on Turnkey or Time & Material basis. The Offshore Development and Services Center offers a variation of the Time & Material model. It provides for a seamless integration of the Alletec project team with that of the customer.
Alletec offers various Support Plans for customers to choose from. The support can be onsite and off-site. The off-site support can be provided through: - Email/ Telephone/ VoIP (Lync/Skype) - Alletec’s Support portal

An amazingly large percentage of software projects fail to meet objectives or suffer significant schedule and/or budget slippage because defects are discovered too late. Studies show that finding and fixing defects during test execution can cost 50 times more than during the early requirements phase - and 200 times more if left until production.

Almost perpetually - businesses expect IT organizations to deliver high quality systems at ever reducing timelines and costs. Very often - IT also happens to be the first to get impacted by any organizational budget cuts. Software development best practice recommend keeping a testing team separate from the development team. All these factors make Software Testing a candidate to consider for outsourcing.


Alletec offers comprehensive testing solutions - from functional testing to performance and interoperability testing. These services help organizations achieve predictable software quality gains while reducing the time and cost associated with testing activities.

White-Box Testing

  • Unit and Integration Testing
    • Automation of unit tests and daily-build testing
  • API testing
  • Development of frameworks for Unit/Integration/API testing

No business application can stay an isolated island for modern day businesses. Tying systems together becomes an important business need. Connecting software applications is however more than just exchanging byte.

Application Integration needs can arise intra-company or inter-company. Over years organizations develop myriad systems, possibly on different platforms, and using different technologies, to address the needs of different business practices. As organizations mature and business processes evolve, these systems come closer and need talk to each other to enable automation of the business processes.

Business process automation (BPA), business process management (BPM), and similar other names are essentially attempts at addressing this challenge. For Application Integration, two scenarios are most common.  First - connecting applications within a single organization commonly referred to as enterprise application integration (EAI). Second - business-to-business (B2B) integration - connecting applications in different organizations.


Alletec’s Application Integration Practice helps customers integrate their internal applications, or integrate their applications with those of their customers and suppliers to boost productivity and ensure data integrity. Alletec leverages the Microsoft’s technologies – including BizTalk server – to achieve these results.

The figure below (source: MSDN) shows a simple example of the core BizTalk Server engine applied to an EAI problem. In this scenario, an inventory application (may be on an IBM platform), notices that the stock of an item is low and so issues a request to order more of that item. This request is sent to a BizTalk Server orchestration (step 1), which then issues a request to this organization’s ERP application (Dynamics or any other) requesting a purchase order (step 2). The ERP application, sends back the requested PO (step 3), and the BizTalk Server orchestration then informs a fulfillment application, perhaps built on Windows using the .NET Framework, that the item should be ordered (step 4).

Alignment of a growth organization with its business objectives requires use of technology for effective communication and collaboration. Integrating People, Processes and Information can be both - operational efficiency enhancers, as well as strategic initiatives - closely tied to the overall business objectives.


All e Technologies (Alletec) helps ‘growth companies’ derive measurable gains by providing solutions for Collaboration, Portals, Knowledge Management, Content management, Document Management and Enterprise Search. Together, they are all enablers for integrating people, processes and information. Built on the Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server (MOSS), our services enable you achieve the following and more.

  • Provide easier and timelier access to the information employees need to get their work done
  • Provide easier and more effective mechanisms to move work between business entities, such as self service for customers or partners, enabling outsourcing by providing business partners with access to a collaboration environment, or business data on an extranet
  • Provide an organized ‘one-stop-shop’ for information by making it easier to find authoritative information
  • Improve the ability to share and exchange information across the organization by providing an electronic publishing method that is easy for users to leverage
  • Improve the ‘time to talent’ – the speed with which new employees become productive
  • Maximize the reuse of best practices across the enterprise, enabling the organization to replicate successful business practices in all geographies
  • Reduce training costs for enterprise applications by providing a consistent user interface to all applications
  • Improve time to market for proposals and contracts by providing easier access to reusable assets
  • Improve organizational learning by providing easier access to critical information and organizational memory
  • Improve customer service by providing direct access to the information customers need
  • Improve project execution by providing an opportunity for work teams to collaborate and to electronically store project information in fully searchable, organized team sites

Knowledge Workers get affected by the lack of formal systems for capturing and presenting corporate information. Information overload, unmanaged email attachments, business information trapped in silos, unknown version of record and inconsistent formatting are some of the business problems faced on a daily basis. Corporate Portals are built to help with – Communication, Collaboration, Consolidation and Consistency.

When drawing boundaries around the scope of a project becomes difficult or when you would like to work directly with 'your own' project team on a day-to-day basis, an Offshore Development and Services Center (ODSC) can be custom built to your requirements, providing you a virtual extension of your own office and team.

An ODSC leverages our resources, infrastructure, expertise, methodologies and processes in an integrated manner. It gives you the flexibility to participate in direct project management and Quality Control activities for projects being executed from India.


While the Alletec team would be adequately staffed to manage and deliver projects, the model has the flexibility to enable you to position your own project managers, Technology Officers, Quality Assurance teams or other staff, at our facilities in India to work with our team of managers, analysts, designers and developers. This model provides you direct control over the project and at the same time has the 'India' cost advantage offered by the model.

Our India based development centers are of international standard and would compete with the best in the region.


Leading Offshore Software Development Company

Attracted by the advantages of 'Offshore', but concerned about a long term outsourcing decision? Alletec now helps you resolve this conflict by offering a compelling 'Build - Operate - Transfer' model for ODSC. Contact us at info@alletec.com for details.


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