D365 Business Central has been registering success stories as a Modern, Unified and Intelligent cloud ERP for many years now. Microsoft has been constantly investing in broadening the horizon by bringing in seamless working experiences for digital era users.

Microsoft enables a hyper-connected organization – via Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, and Power Platform applications working conjoined with out-of-the-box connectors and integrations.

If one is still working on Outlook, Teams, Mobile app and the ERP as separate applications, one is continuing to ‘live in history’.

D365 Business Central works with all these applications as one united system with just multiple interfaces.

For example, how about a sales or a customer service person receiving an email and Outlook reading through the email and doing an auto search for matching customer/contact and Items to create a quote and placing an order in D365 Business Central -all with a few clicks by the Outlook user. This is all possible with the new Outlook add-in provided with Business Central.

Microsoft D365 Business Central

Microsoft D365 Business Central

The prospect is now qualified, and an order confirmation is generated if the prospect so wishes!  If the email was sent by a Supplier, a Purchase Order is generated by the system.

Using legacy systems, at times getting approval on the quote and purchase orders becomes a chain of emails, phone calls, and Teams interactions. The experience will be way different while using the modern and powerful D365 Business Central. The approver would receive the approval request over Outlook and Teams and approve or reject the request with a single click and without leaving the Outlook or Teams windows.


Microsoft D365 Business Central

Microsoft D365 Business Central


Doesn’t that sound like a true Digital Transformation?

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