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Master Data Management

  • It is just not sufficient to colour code or highlight a mandatory field with an *
  • Master record should not be put to use until all mandatory information has been provided
  • Data validation for completeness is also needed at transaction level

Use Cases for Mandatory fields

Master Data

  • Eliminates creation of bogus records for customers, vendors, items, etc
  • Company information, Dimensions and posting setups
  • Block master if information is missing


  • Sales, Purchase, Production transactions to carry important information
    • Date fields
    • References
    • Business terms
    • Document type
  • Throw error if information is missing

Alerts & Notifications

  • Major business scenarios for Alerts and Notifications have been Pre Configured
  • Message can be formatted and context can be embedded
  • Any NAV report or Page can be embedded to the message
  • Message can be an email, SMS, Insight in business central or push notification

Use Cases of Alerts / Notifications


  • On Modification of posting setups – General, customer , Vendor, item etc
  • On Modification of tax posting setups


  • On new record creation – Customer, Vendor, item etc
  • On Modification
    • Credit Limit
    • Payment Terms
    • Address
    • Discount Code
    • etc


  • Release of PO to Vendor – send PO as pdf by email, notify supply chain team
  • On receipt of sales Order – send order confirmation to customer by email
  • If Business terms are changed on PO / SO


  • Notify when customer has overdue balance – email body carrying details of overdue invoices
  • Send account statement to customer through email on monthly, quarterly or yearly basis – report as attachment

Compliance Calendar

  • Multiple transactions are done outside the system, however it is important for financial reporting and compliance management that these tasks are tracked
  • Tasks can be defined and tracked
  • Alerts and notifications are generated

Use Cases of Compliance Management


  • Filing of Tax returns
  • Tasks pertaining to preparation of tax returns
  • Auditing tasks


  • Treasury instruments – bonds, mutual funds
  • Insurance policies
  • Company licenses

Surge & Dip Analytics

  • Your ERP talks to you about any surge or dip in business.
  • Reference database consisting of Value, Average, Min, max and Count
  • Unusual activities are determined basis tolerance limits defined for each KPI

Use Cases of Surge & Dip Analytics

Sales Side

  • Demand – Order Counts, Value, Quantity
  • Shipping Counts, Quantity
  • Returns count, Value, Quantity
  • By city, product category, key accounts


  • Bank balance
  • Receivables / Payables

Supply Chain

  • Production – output, cost
  • Warehouse transactions
    • Receipts
    • Shipments
    • Stock take
  • Stock Adjustments


  • Revenue – Business Unit wise, product category wise
  • Expenses – category level, cost center wise
  • Profit – Operating, Gross and Net

Why ProActivate

Data Hygiene

Improves data hygiene as it does not allow masters & Transactions with incomplete information


Alerts and Notifications make users manage leading indicators


Enhance customer, Vendor and employee experience through automation

Early detection

Intimation about unusual activities makes management alert in time

Corporate Governance

Compliance management helps in remaining compliant

Time to Market

As most of business scenarios are pre defined, it is plug and play

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