ERP for Bakery Industry

Bakery Manufacturers face challenges like using natural ingredients, no adulterants, low-shelf life, and all of this while maintaining a variety of choices i.e., investing in new product development and quality of products. Consumer demands change frequently and one who adapts is in a position to deliver.

Aptean Food & Beverage ERP built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a solution that is scalable, future-proof, and easy to operate. To grow your business and adjust to the needs of the market you need a specialized solution that is built for the Bakery Industry.

Key Features

Quality Process & Assurance​
Traceability & Lot Management​
  • Quick access to lot information to any order line​
  • Integration of country of origin, vendors with lot numbers
  • End-to-end Traceability from Raw material to finish goods & post-sale
  • Easy Identification of root cause in case on non-conformance
  • Define Inspection Status, Set allowed or block inventory transactions as per lot 
Expiry Management​​
  • Setup minimum sales shelf life and purchase shelf life per item | per customer | per vendor​
  • Check minimum sales shelf life in shipment process​
  • Give FEFO warning in shipment process if lot is shipped with expiration date earlier than in previous shipment​
  • Send alerts at expiration action date​
  • Exclude lot numbers from FEFO pick proposal if they don't meet the minimum shelf life requirements​ 
Product Specification & Labelling​​​
  • Enter on calculate allergen/ additives/ nutritional value/ dietary related fields ​​
  • Enter Product Specific countries of origin ​
  • Create Vendor product specification ​​
  • Integration with Label printing App​
  • Create label layouts for inbound, internal and outbound labels​ 
Manufacturing - Shop Floor​
  • Set up and implementation of Batch Sizes ​ ​​
  • Yield & Recipe Management​ ​
  • Reallocate consumption of reallocation component when using co products​​​
  • Calculate production order statistics with finished quantity​
  • Show quantity variances per component based on finished quantity​ 
  • Create internal movement worksheet via function create consolidated production movement (1 pick for multiple production orders)​ 
Manufacturing - Shop Floor​
  • Automatically apply default production scenario when manually inserting a production order​ ​ ​​
  • Show workload of multiple work centers/ machine centers​​
  • Show workload details per selected work center(s)/ machine center(s)​
  • Schedule production orders via assigning sorting numbers​
  • Schedule production orders based on assigned scheduling attributes to (semi) finished items​
  • Split production order​ 
  • Give insight in the availability of production components needed​
  • Create warehouse pick for production order​
  • Insight in available inventory of items shown in page Order Commitment​
  • Planning warnings when sales orders or production orders are changed​​
And many others ​
  • shop floor production app (ease of application)​​ ​ ​​
  • shop floor logistics ​
  • advanced pricing​​
  • vendor item catalogue​
  • item attributes​

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Quality | Food Safety | Lot Traceability
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Supply Chain and Inventory Management
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Process Manufacturing | Production Planning
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Aptean F&B further customizations & NAV to BC Upgrade
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