Alletec Data & AI Solutions

Text Analytics

Intent Detection, Natural Language Processing, Topic modeling, TTS & STT conversions, and Sentiment Analysis.

Image Analytics

Face Recognition, Crowd Counting, Object Detection, and Biodiversity Species Classification.

Audio Analytics

Speech recognition, Speaker Diarization, Voice Clustering, and Emotion and Gender Detection.

AI Driven Custom Solutions

AI for Marketing, AI-Driven Business Intelligence Solutions, AI-Driven Forecasting Models.

Customer Analytics

Customer Intent Analysis, Customer Behavior Analysis, Tailored customer experiences.

Why Microsoft Machine Learning Solutions?

Microsoft is working with Amazon Alexa, KPMG, and several other partners in complete tandem to make the best use of AI and Machine Learning tools for a better tomorrow. Our solutions are not limited to Microsoft platforms but are now more inclusive and robust with technology and knowledge sharing with other major AI and ML R&D centers. Alletec Designs AI and ML solutions based on the powerful Azure AI platform.

Why Alletec for Power Platform?

Gold Partner

A Microsoft Gold Partner – a testament to our competence, experience, and customer focus.

Years of Trust

Helping customers succeed – for over the past 2 decades.


Recognized and felicitated by Microsoft over the years with top awards in the Microsoft Dynamics segment.


Over 700 projects executed for customers from over 30 countries.

Trusted By Market Leaders

Trusted by market leaders from diverse industry segments.

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