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The Microsoft Dynamics ‘MasterVAR’ program is for you if:

  • You are a company having MS Dynamics competency, servicing a set of customers, and now wanting to enhance operations to provide end-to-end solutions with license sale, implementation services and support to your customers
  • You are a Microsoft Classic products partner, and want to leverage business solutions opportunities you come across at your client base
  • You are an ISV, looking to reach out to a more extensive customer base by having your solution built on a world-class platform, which is scalable and robust
  • You are in the business of providing Business Solutions (Financial Accounting, SCM, ERP, CRM) to your customers on platforms other than Microsoft Dynamics, and wish to build your Microsoft Dynamics practice

What is Microsoft MasterVAR Program?

The ‘MasterVAR’ Program is a strategic initiative from Microsoft towards driving the growth of Microsoft Business Solutions by developing and engaging a broad partner eco-system – through its MasterVAR in India – All e Technologies (Alletec).

Through the MasterVAR program, Microsoft and Alletec endeavour to increase the reach to ‘growth’ businesses across the country and help them become more competitive and thriving through the adoption of Microsoft Dynamics Business Solutions. This brings new business opportunities to Alletec ‘Affiliates’ approved and signed up under the program.

ERP and CRM businesses are challenging to build. If you have the passion and commitment, Alletec – as Microsoft’s only MasterVAR for India – helps you in readiness and enablement. As our Affiliate, you gain a competitive advantage in your markets. You have opportunities to leverage Alletec’s brand name, industry expertise, marketing resources and operational & training support to deliver innovative solutions & services to your customers. Alletec helps you both grow your business, and make it more profitable.

What do you get as an Alletec MasterVAR Partner?

An Alletec Affiliate gets authorization from Microsoft for Dynamics License business. While you function as part of the Alletec MasterVAR eco-system, you retain exclusive access to your customers’ data on Microsoft portals and continue to serve them independently. You also become entitled to Development Licenses on the products.

As one of the channel partner collaboration models officially endorsed by Microsoft, the MasterVAR program provides you with an avenue to move in the direction of desired growth by becoming an Alletec Affiliate. With over 200 customers for enterprise solutions (ERP/ CRM/ SharePoint), Alletec has been at the top of the Microsoft Dynamics partner eco-system for almost a decade. Having won every possible award for Microsoft Dynamics in India, year after year, Alletec has been known for its professional competence & business ethics and held in high esteem by customers and competitors alike.

Partnership Offers

The market conditions, as well as the new Microsoft Dynamics Partnership terms, have raised the bar for setting up and scaling a Microsoft Dynamics business. Merely possessing some Dynamics competency is not going to be enough to build growth momentum & achieve competitiveness.

If you want to set up a new Dynamics practice, or if your Dynamics partnership status has been marginalized, partnering with Alletec under the MasterVAR program will be rewarding for you. Revisit your vision and strategy. The Alletec MasterVAR Program provides you with a larger umbrella to build your practice.

As an affiliate, you benefit through:

  • Higher margins on your license transactions
  • The structured mechanism, and attractive margins, for ‘referred’ opportunities
  • Potential new business opportunities with InstaNAV
  • Learning opportunities for Sales, Fulfillment, Process

Your focus is the Microsoft Classic products line and associated services. You do, however, come across ERP and CRM opportunities with your customers, and often let them pass. Building a Microsoft Dynamics competence, for – Sales, Pre-Sales and Deliveries – is a tall order, requiring non-trivial investments and years of intense effort.

The MasterVAR Program is your opportunity to diversify and become a part of Dynamics eco-system.

  • Becoming a ‘Sales Affiliate’ to MasterVAR enables you co-brand with Microsoft Dynamics
  • Bring opportunities to the MasterVAR, with an option to learn by staying associated through the Sales cycle
  • Get attractively compensated
  • Stay as the trusted advisor to your customer, and move up the value chain with your customers

Your customers have loved your solutions over the years, but the competitive environment has changed. Customers adore your understanding and knowledge of the domain but require a robust and scalable platform. Customers also want their solutions to be ‘integrated’. This is limiting your sales numbers and threatening your growth.

Building your solution on the Dynamics platform (NAV/ AX/ CRM) will open up for you a world of opportunities. It will enable you to reach out to larger customers and increase your deal size. Scores of ISVs have taken their solutions to a global audience by transitioning the solution to Dynamics.

Becoming a MasterVAR affiliate brings you access to the resources you need to make this transition. You get:

  • Access to Develop License
  • Reading and Training resources
  • Access to experts at Alletec to provide selective support to your product/ technical challenges
  • Support in a sales process

You have been providing business solutions to your customers over the years. Your customers have grown over the years, and so has the overall economy. Your small foot-print solution is no longer meeting the needs of your growth customers and prospects. Advances in technology and global solutions have created a gap between the market segment you are currently addressing, and what you want to address. You are losing on huge revenue opportunities because of your inability to offer world-class business solutions to your customers.

Alletec MasterVAR Program brings you the unique opportunity to become part of the Microsoft Dynamics Partner eco-system. Address the business needs of your customers and prospects with the robust and scalable Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions. Becoming a MasterVAR affiliate brings you access to the resources you need to make this transition. You get:

As an affiliate, you benefit through:

  • Access to Develop License
  • Reading and Training resources
  • Co-brand with Microsoft Dynamics
  • Support in a sales process
  • Attractive margins
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