Why Do You Need A Cloud Consultant?

Business scenarios vary from organization to organization, and no one solution fits all uniformly. Alletec helps Customers evolve clarity from the maze of confusing acronyms and options – cloud, managed, hosted, public, private, hybrid, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS – to arrive at investment decisions best suited for their organizations.

Our Architecture consulting services would engage with you to define the roadmap of your cloud adoption journey. Our team monitors the entire infrastructure, productivity tools, and business applications you run to evaluate, guide, build, and manage IT infrastructure capable of supporting your business.

Our Services


Migration Consulting

Planning to migrate from your current on-premise infrastructure or from another cloud provider to Azure Cloud, we can help you with end to end migration services. We have a migration team that takes care of all your migration needs ensuring a smooth and time-bound migration from your existing infrastructure to Azure cloud services.

Hybrid Migration Consulting

Enterprises with a massive amount of data are unable to migrate from the on-premise data centers to Azure cloud in one go. Such organizations need a hybrid migration model, which is a stage by stage migration of components from on-Premise to Azure cloud. For multinational organizations, this process may take several years due to data laws, security, and several other complexities. Alletec helps its clients with a milestone-based hybrid migration roadmap, which enables your organization to move from on-premise to Azure cloud with zero downtime and data loss.


Implementation Consulting

Cloud implementation requires a step by step approach towards planning the right gamut of services, tools, infrastructure, etc. to ensure a hassle-free application implementation on Azure cloud. It takes weeks of planning, process flow analysis, infrastructure analysis, tool planning, etc. to come up with the right bouquet of Azure cloud services that will help your business thrive while keeping a check on the expenses. The right approach to Cloud implementation is to hire a consultant before implementation instead of looking for one when you face a bottleneck.

Cost Optimization Services

Azure Cloud is a pay as you go service, you pay for what you use. However, in reality, you pay for the resources you use or block in the apprehension of an expected utility. A good number of cloud customers subscribe for services and licenses which do not even need or use an inefficient combination of services. Our cloud optimization team helps you plan the optimum resources required by your business and makes optimizations to bring down your recurring expenses.


Azure Support Services

Alletec offers 24×7 cloud support services for its clients in over 30 countries. We manage and optimize your cloud infrastructure for enhanced productivity. You don’t need an in-house infrastructure management staff. Partner with us and leave all your infrastructure management worries with us.

Our support team monitors and manages the infrastructure of businesses around the world 24×7.

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