Life @ Alletec is about moving & learning together towards the organizational goals & priorities and aligning the personal aspirations to that of the organization. We are an organization with fresh ideas built around a value system and we are committed to offer these intangible benefits to our customers.

We always look forward to associate with people who respect and add value to the customer satisfaction we deliver. We believe in the philosophy of ‘Helping clients succeed through innovative business solutions’. With this core purpose & philosophy in mind, we have created a work environment that is efficient & effective with a strong commitment towards operational excellence.

Beyond the business of delivering customer satisfaction, we imbibe a strong sense of our core values that form the tenets of our organization and we covet to be consistent with them at all times.

Our core values that are –‘Responsiveness’, ‘Attention to Details’, ‘Integrity & Dignity’, ‘Living up to Customer’s Trust’, ‘Hunger for learning & Innovation’ and ‘Grace Under Fire’ are the guiding principles that help us constantly in driving alignment and weaving a self-propelling organization.

We care about our members and our partners, fostering a positive work environment where each team member can reach their full potential.

An environment that fosters open culture and communication encourages feedback for continuous improvement of people, practices & processes. This enables its members to grow in self-confidence and this self-development journey which accompanies a career become a self-fulfilling prophecy for success and excellence.

Our growth plan which includes expanding its footprint in the global arena as well as growing in domestic dominance provides opportunities for a large number of roles and careers unfolding.

Work Space

Learning & Development

One of our core values being ‘Hunger for Learning & Innovation’ we have integrated Learning & Development @ Alletec with our foundation. This aims towards ensuring an equal opportunity for everyone to develop their potential and achieve career progression.

We believe that by continuously developing and learning, our members can acquire the core competencies needed for competitive advantage. We encourage them to inculcate a habit of learning and sharing to be able to realize the benefits of self-development. This in turn, helps us contribute towards the overall organizational learning. The term ‘organizational learning’ refers to constant improvement of existing approaches and processes and adaptation to change, taking us to newer levels & horizons.

Fun @ Alletec

Most hard working successful people- also play hard. Fun forms a vital aspect of our life and culture @ Alletec. We believe that happy members make a happy workplace! We strive to ensure that we enjoy what we do, have fun while working hard & competing hard, and this is what brings purpose to our work.

In our effort to strike the right balance we have a group of highly energized members who work hard to keep the fun element alive by organizing fun events every now & then. This eventually keeps all of us @ Alletec engaged, energized & elevated!

Foundation Day

Alletec Celebrates 22nd Foundation Day

Foundation is the first step towards achievements and being established as a successful organization. At Alletec, we celebrate our foundation day and treat it as a vital element in fostering ideas for innovation and customer success. We believe it is the moment to recall the past, analyze the present, and enlighten the future. On this day we grab the chance to appreciate every pillar @Alletec, our People power, who has stood the test of the hard times like COVID and given their best to Alletec’s growth.

On every foundation day, we celebrate the teamwork that never lets us fall back and make us achieve every milestone we set as our goals.

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