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ProActivate (Making Business Central – Business Ready)

Master data management
  • It is just not sufficient to colour code or highlight a mandatory field with an *
  • Master record should not be put to use until all mandatory information has been provided
  • Data validation for completeness is also needed at transaction level
Alerts & Notifications
  • Major business scenarios for Alerts and Notifications have been Pre Configured
  • Message can be formatted and context can be embedded
  • Any NAV report or Page can be embedded to the message
  • Message can be an email, SMS, Insight in business central or push notification
Compliance Calendar
  • Multiple transactions are done outside the system, however it is important for financial reporting and compliance management that these tasks are tracked
  • Tasks can be defined and tracked
  • Alerts and notifications are generated
Surge & Dip Analytics
  • Your ERP talks to you about any surge or dip in business.
  • Reference database consisting of Value, Average, Min, max and Count
  • Unusual activities are determined basis tolerance limits defined for each KPI

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CYBORG (Business Rule Engine for Business Central)

  • Is a software component that allows non-programmers to add and change business logic in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Works by separating execution code for business rules from the rest of the application code. This allows to change business rules without coding the logic

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