Automation Has Enabled Formulated Spices Manufacturer to Manage Business Growth Effectively without Any Substantial Increase in Headcount

About the Client

  • Established in the year 1984, Goldiee Masale is a well-known name in India, Europe and Middle East. It is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of all kinds of basic and formulated spices & has gradually diversified its product range. 
  • Currently Goldiee Masale has around 150 products in its product portfolio. It exports products to Middle East, South East, US, UK, Russia and other countries.
  • With increased popularity amongst food lovers & quality conscious consumers and a strong network of around 1200 distributors and C & F agents, Goldiee products are available to consumers all over the country. 
  • Efficient management of operations at such a growth rate was a challenge. This led to the need for a solution that would integrate the entire range of its business areas including Manufacturing, Inventory, Sales & Purchase, Dealer Management, Finance/Accounting, and Fixed Assets to add visibility and control to its business processes.
  • After detailed due diligence of various global solutions, Goldiee Masale finalized Microsoft Dynamics NAV as their enterprise solution and All e Technologies (Alletec) as their consulting and implementation partner.
  • The implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV automated and streamlined business processes that in turn led to reduced operational costs and increased employee productivity at Goldiee Masale.


New export destinations and diversification of product portfolio meant varying consumer behavior and demands, which raised the need for streamlined product development and distribution processes. Goldiee Masale’s business includes make-to-stock and make-to-order.

The company could no longer rely on a myriad of disparate legacy systems to develop, produce, and distribute its expanding line of products to its expanding customer base.

Some of the major concerns for Goldiee Masale included:

  • High Inventory carrying cost: Not able to optimize Inventory level due to lack of
    real-time stock visibility. The situation is aggravated since Goldiee Masale has
    items (both raw material and finished goods) with limited shelf-life, and thus
    required to be tracked.
  • Inefficient material requirement planning and production schedule
  • Long order fulfillment cycles
  • Ineffective sales analysis
  • Inefficiently managed dealer network
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