Leading African Bank Strengthens Customer Loyalty with Dynamics 365 and BAFINS-CX

Business Overview

The customer is a leading commercial bank in Africa with 79 networked branches, nearly 100 ATM machines, over 1,427 banking agents, and more than 1,200 employees. The bank was faced with declining business growth from existing customers. Improving customer service was identified as a critical business need that had the potential to enhance customer loyalty. 

The bank faced various technical and systems-related obstacles that impeded the progress of its customer service initiatives.

The CRM system did not integrate with the Core Banking System (CBS). The bank’s customer service agents did not have complete visibility of customer products. This impaired their ability to address customer requirements


Alletec team analyzed the business situation and chalked out a roadmap to bring systems in place to ensure enhancement of customer service. BAFINS-CX, the next-gen financial services CRM built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, was implemented. The system empowers professionals in the financial services sector, cutting across the functions of Sales, Customer Service, and Marketing by providing actionable insights, streamlining processes, and enhancing customer relationships. AI components of Azure Services were used to develop sentiment analysis from Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram.

This helps the bank keep an ear to the opinions and feedback shared by customers and take timely action. An innovative system now automatically opens complaint tickets when negative feedback is received via SMS. In addition, WhatsApp and IVR-driven Customer Service have been implemented enabling customers interact with the bank through these messaging platforms. WhatsApp Chatbot with the ability to log complaints has also been introduced.

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