What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resource (HR)?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources helps streamline many routine Human Resource record keeping tasks and automate a number of processes. It helps simplify leave & absence reporting, create compensation programmes and benefits administration, perform functions to facilitate recruitment and help with payroll, budgets & tax filings. It enables you to transform employee experiences, optimize your HR programmes, increase organizational agility and discover workforce insights.

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Bring out the best in your people | Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent

Dynamics 365 for Human Resource Features

Seamless LinkedIn Integration

Dynamics 365 for Human Resource integrates with LinkedIn, the world’s largest talent pool with just a few clicks, giving you access to a global pool of Talent.

Integrated Job Postings & Applications

Website, landing page, LinkedIn applications, no matter where your candidates apply, you can view them all at one place.

Empowered Workforce

Your workforce has complete control over their career. The AI-based system recommends them training’s and resources to take their career forward.

Culture of Excellence

Implement the HR best practices using Dynamics 365 for Human Resource to adopt an organizational culture that promotes employee retention.

Data Analysis Using Excel & PowerBI

Whether you use MS Excel for data analysis or the powerful PowerBI, D365 for Human Resource offers excellent compatibility with both these globally acclaimed tools.

Intelligent Recommendations

D365 for Human Resource uses powerful Artificial Intelligence and PowerBI tools to make intelligent, actionable recommendations that enhance the recruitment experience of both the HR team and the new recruit.

Dynamics 365 for Human Resource Benefits

Attracting Talent

Standardize the candidate hiring process with configurable stages and activities. Enable easier collaboration between recruiters, managers, and interviewers to help them attract top talent. Easily integrate D365 for Human Resource with job portals and company website to provide same job description across all channels.

Seamless integration with LinkedIn enables recruiters to access the talent pool of the world’s largest talent marketplace. Recruiters can quickly screen and shortlist candidates, based on candidate’s experiences, skills, and competencies.

Recruiters can merge data from LinkedIn and other ATS (application tracking systems) to streamline the interview cycle and speed up the hiring process. Automate interview scheduling across stakeholders with office 365 integration. D365 for Human Resource helps managers and recruiters to collaborate for creating compelling offers with custom approval processes efficiently. Efficiently send offer letters and other communications, and turn candidates into employees.

Engaging Talent

Streamline the on-boarding process by creating a checklist of documents needed for employee on-boarding. Sharing it with the candidates to get it done even before they join and ensure that new hires are productive from day one. Keep all the stakeholders informed with the real-time dashboard on the on-boarding to-do list.

Create a centralized guidelines repository to help newly recruited employees acquire knowledge about company policies, services, and products. Connect new hires with peers who share their interests and skill set to help them build relationships across teams and organization.

Growing Talent

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Human Resource offers a unified dashboard which helps organizations hire, nurture and develop their talent to maximize the potential of every employee. Create a centralized knowledge base for managing employee’s skills, certification, experience, educational history, and other competencies. Provide a platform that allows employees to manage their personal information, project details, and additional HR-related information. Identify skill gaps for every employee and help them attain new skills. Define performance goals for the employees, track their progress, and facilitate performance reviews at individual and team levels to ensure that every individual meets their objectives.

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