What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing is a marketing automation application that enables you to not only manage the core marketing functions like email marketing, customer journeys, behaviour tracking, and lead scoring etc., it also gives you the ability to do event management functions, manage surveys, and more.

With D365 for Marketing, you can create and distribute marketing communications to customers and prospects. Results of the marketing activities can be analysed and used for refining marketing messages. We can create marketing lists, run campaigns and perform all the other related marketing functions.

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Introduction to Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Dynamics 365 for Marketing Benefits

Manage, Rank and Score Leads

An intelligent system that allows you to rate, segregate and organize leads, making them actionable.

Customized Buyer Funnel

Set a customized buyer funnel according to your business cycle and customer behaviour.

Intelligent Mails, Landing Pages & Communications

A personalized and tailored email, communication or landing page does wonder for businesses.

Systematic Feedback System

Surveys, Feedbacks, AI-enabled analysis etc. give you clear micro and macro views of all processes of your marketing engine.

Event Management

Webinars, Seminars, events were never so well planned and easy to execute. D365 for marketing offers a dedicated event dashboard.

Easy Integrations

Integrate your marketing engine with other Dynamics and non-MS products to enhance your sales and marketing experience.

Informed Decisions

Artificial Intelligence enabled engine for informed decisions with sales and campaign forecasts etc.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Introduction

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Licensing

Dynamics 365 for Marketing Features

Convert Prospects into Relationships

Leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing to convert business prospects into relationships. Create, connect and nurture relations with sales qualified leads leveraging omni-channel campaigns and personalized communications. Align the marketing and sales teams together using a unified source of shared information, automated processes, and Office 365 collaboration suite. Empower your business with smart decisions using intuitive dashboards and reporting tools to maximize your marketing ROI.

Address Every Audience Personal

Your target audience always consists of different demographics and personas. Dynamics 365 for marketing empowers you to address each persona with a dedicated campaign and a consistent message for each of them across all channels and platforms. This personal attention often leads to a much better conversion rate as the audience feels a better connect with the marketing messages served to them.

Manage Campaigns Effectively

Execute coordinated campaigns using configurable templates, reusable content blocks, and design tools. Go beyond email marketing to make the customer experience a ‘journey’. Use multiple channels (events, web landing pages, email marketing, SMS integration, and phone calls) to attract the right prospects and enable your customers to take action using the channel of their choice.

Manage your marketing spend by creating a budget and track the costs for campaigns regularly. Dynamics 365 for Marketing solution provides automated workflows with re-targeting across channels and delivers real-time insights.

Create and Nurture Leads

Use LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms Connector to target audiences, capture leads, configure lead submissions and create a customized buyer’s journey using their LinkedIn content and interactions. Enable your marketing teams to develop and nurture these leads. Track and analyze the performance of captured leads and compare it to sources.

Align Sales and Marketing

A unified source of data and information which manages leads, contacts, and customers with multiple sales and marketing teams for delivering a consistent experience on all platforms across the buyer’s journey. Deliver consistent messages across all sales and marketing platforms. Track prospects throughout the journey to increase close rates, reduce sales cycles, and increase retention rates. Move every prospect efficiently at each stage of sales and marketing funnel leveraging automated workflows to ensure you never miss on sales-ready leads and have a planned schedule of follow-ups.

Gain Marketing Insights

Measure campaign performance and get standard reports to monitor and analyze marketing activities, including campaign activity status, campaign performance, and campaign comparisons. Build customized dashboards for better performance analysis. Embedded intelligence empowers you with tools like dynamic segmentation which helps you target the right audience. You can choose the right lead scoring models to prioritize these leads for better results. You can leverage customer interaction insights to ensure personalized engagement with every customer.

Use Dynamics 365 AI for market insights to bring together insights and reports from events, emails, landing pages and from various social media platforms. Put social insights to use in order to gain competitive intelligence. This also helps you measure and manage your brand reputation. Use online survey tools to analyze your customer’s needs and invest in marketing campaigns that address them better.

GDPR Complaint Marketing Engine

Microsoft has ensured that Dynamics 365 for Marketing complies with GDPR compliances at all levels. No more worries about being GDPR compliant when planning and running your marketing campaigns using D365 for marketing.

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Why Alletec For Your Dynamics 365 Marketing Solutions?

Gold Partner

A Microsoft Gold Partner – a testament to our competence, experience, and customer focus.

Years of Trust

Helping customers succeed – for over the past 2 decades.


Recognized and felicitated by Microsoft over the years with top awards in the Microsoft Dynamics segment.


Over 700 projects executed for customers from over 30 countries.

Trusted By Market Leaders

Trusted by market leaders from diverse industry segments.

Comments (6)

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Implementation functions as a closed-loop marketing system, which allows you to collect and analyze the results of your marketing communications so you can further refine your messaging.

  • Microsoft D365 for Marketing helps you effectively drive revenue by fully integrating with CRM to ensure that sales and marketing are working from the same data source.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a powerful tool for creating and distributing marketing communications to your customers and prospective customers.

  • Can I use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing to create a culture of measurement and accuracy in a particular department?

  • The goal with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing is to provide companies and businesses with a 360-degree view of the customer journey to facilitate the delivery of customer experiences that engage and convert.

  • Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing helped my business to induce additional qualified leads, personal and well-timed communication and better conversion.

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