MLA GROUP - Enhancing Profitability | Customer Centricity | Competitive Edge with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Business Overview

MLA Group is India's largest manufacturer of Metallic Stearates and related materials. With applications in a wide set of industries - Pharmaceuticals, Petrochemicals, Ceramics, PVC Pipes & Fittings, Rubber, Detergent, Cosmetics, Pesticides, Paints, and more – the group dominates the Indian market and exports its products to over 40 countries.


Dynamics 365 Business Central solution was tailored to meet the unique needs of MLA Group. An integrated cost sheet within the sales order process provided clear insights into product costs and facilitated adaptable BOM adjustments, thereby optimizing product costs.

A customized Customer Bill of Material upon order placement was implemented. This enabled order tracking at the BOM level. Firm-planned orders were generated for these BOMs, facilitating precise raw material procurement based on these firm orders. 

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