Ontario, Canada based Brewery company retains Alletec to upgrade to D365 Business Central Online

About the Client

Muskoka Brewery established in June 1996 handcrafts premium beers for customers across Canada. As part of the movement to bring true flavor back to the beer, the brews are made with natural ingredients and without preservatives. The products are handcrafted to final perfection by the entire Muskoka brewing team. Muskoka is located in Brace bridge near Toronto and has a loyal customer base


  • Legacy applications (including NAV 2009) needed Business Operations transformation & IT modernization.
  • Limited enhancement and integration capabilities. Inhouse Infra: Frequent outages, and no proper Dev and Test environments.
  • Major process gaps- Purchase, Inventory, Manufacturing & Quality Control managed in Excel.
  • Sales & Purchase disjoint from Inventory.
  • Missing real-time 3PL warehouses Inventory view.
  • MIS and reporting manual, preparation and reconciliation time Consuming.
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