Specialized Healthcare Solution Provider Enhances Sales Process Effectiveness and Customer Satisfaction

Business Overview

  • A leading stem cell solution provider brought the revolutionary concept of umbilical cord stem cell banking to India through technological collaboration with one of the world’s largest stem cell banks. The company started its operations with cryogenic preservation of umbilical cord blood stem cells. 
  • Since inception the company has grown at a consistent pace and has strongly established its leadership position in the industry. Today the company has close to 50,000 clients who have banked their baby’s cord blood stem cells and these numbers are increasing every day. 
  • The company needed to efficiently manage the increasing customer base to maintain its leadership position. It wanted a business solution that would streamline the sales order process along with follow-up processes of payment collection and inventory tracking. 
  • Teaming up with All e Technologies (Alletec) a customized solution was built on Microsoft Dynamics AX to map the company’s unique business processes. 


With the increasing public acceptance of the stem cell technology the company’s customer base was rapidly increasing. The company deployed a team of almost 400 sales people at 100 locations in India and abroad to cater to these increasing demands. The company realized the need for an integrated business solution to efficiently monitor global operations and address the following major business pains:  

  • Lead Management: A spurt in the number of leads made prioritizing, lead follow-up and qualification difficult, resulting in an inefficient sales cycle.  
  • Collections Management: Storage period of 21 or more years required apportioned payments which made general ledger maintenance a tough task.  
  • Inventory Management: keeping record of huge number of cryopreserved samples in storage. 
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