Swiss Signage Specialist Company Overhauls Existing AX Solution to Match Changing Business Requirements

Business Overview

  • Litex is a leading full service signage and branding solutions provider in Switzerland. It specializes in designing & commissioning of lighted signboards for auto, retail and oil & gas sectors. Recently, it underwent organizational transformations bringing about a major shift in its business model. 
  • Switchover from a manufacturing based company to a primarily service based company required a closer supervision of operations. Microsoft Dynamics AX platform was a familiar ERP solution & was also regularly upgraded. However, the sub-optimal usage of Dynamics AX was leading to operational inefficiencies, thereby impacting the competitiveness of the company in the marketplace. 
  • The need to align the existing AX implementation to the business needs of the company had become compelling in the light of new found business changes & growing intensity of competition. The company management also realized the need for a competent AX partner to realize its objectives. 


Gradual evolution in the business model over years, combined with the rapidly changing economic scenario in Switzerland had caused the AX solution to have become out of step with the business needs. Litex, once a predominantly manufacturing organization had shifted to become a ‘Projects’ driven company. Major identified gaps were:

  • The existing system was not geared up to handle outsourced manufacturing. This gave rise to challenges in getting pricing of various standard imported components causing delays in quotations and invoice creation.  
  • Project Management module wasn’t integrated thus hindering activitywise resource allocation & time sheet management. Due to this, the cost for services had to be bundled with the product, instead of being charged on actual time spent basis. Tracking project progress & project-wise expenses was also a problem.
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