Yatra.com achieves Business Process Integration with Microsoft Dynamics ERP

About the Client

Yatra is a premier multi-channel travel services provider. It provides information on pricing and availability of tickets, hotel bookings and holiday packages for domestic as well as international travel by air, railway, bus, or car for individual and corporate travel needs. Encompassing both online and offline business models, Yatra allows bookings through its online portal, call center, retail lounges, mobile (WAP/SMS/IVR), or kiosks.

Back then, the Indian travel industry was experiencing rapid growth with a huge surge in the number of domestic and international travelers, both business and leisure. Slightly over two years into the rapidly growing yet fragmented travel industry, Yatra emerged as the most trusted travel brand in India. The competition was intensifying, and it was therefore essential to retain brand equity and sustain customer trust.

It was then that it recognized the need for a customizable, flexible, and integrated solution to streamline operations across the front, mid, and back-offices to make real-time information available to themselves and customers. It was an absolutely indispensable step to help customers find the best tickets, hotel packages, and deals at the lowest cost and with the finest services.

Alletecv projected the Travel Solution that was built on the Microsoft Dynamics ERP platform.

After a close evaluation of the various solutions and solution providers in the market and their mapping against the requisites, Alletec’s solution proved to be the best fit.


Yatra used diverse applications to support different business processes. While the front office application (B2C website) was standalone and integrated with the external GDS system, the mid and back-office operations were running on CRM and Tally, respectively. It resulted in the following business pains:
  • This disintegrated system structure made manual work inevitable for the reconciliation of data, yet with poor reliability and potential delay
  • It was challenging to pull data in real time from more than 5,000 hotels across 336 cities in India and over 90,000 hotels around the world. The process became utmost essential with growing transaction volumes with 20,000 domestic tickets and 1000 hotel and holiday package bookings each day
  • With over 30% share in the online travel reservations market in India and scaling up fast, operational efficiency saw a significant dip.
  • There was a considerable lag in recording transactions in the ledger
  • Decentralized data resulted in prolonged cancellation to refund cycle – leaving customers dissatisfied
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