Zync Global Enhances Customer Support with Dynamics CRM

About the Client

  • Zync provides feature rich Tablet PCs, Phablets, Mobiles and Accessories for the global markets at affordable prices. 
  • With the global shift in mobility trends, the popularity of internet enabled devices reached an all time high – and the mobile & tablet industry witnessed tremendous growth. The rapidly growing devices market & evolving consumer demands imposed the need to deliver a strong pricevalue proposition. In the quest for constant product innovation, a more important aspect of business was being neglected – Customer Service. 
  • In the absence of a centralized knowledge base – Zync was finding it difficult to manage & resolve customer grievances timely & efficiently. It felt a pressing need for an agile solution in order to streamline its customer support division. 


Zync had been using spreadsheets for managing customer support operations. With significant growth in business and rising competition, it started encountering operational and scalability issues in managing customer requests through disintegrated spreadsheets. This also led to other issues including:  

  • Poor reliability of customer information  Inability to track the volume of incoming customer calls & their status at any point of time  
  • Delayed complaint resolution due to lack of case status visibility – resulting in customer dissatisfaction & retraction  
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