Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide in terms of revenue and employment. The ecosystem encompasses hospitals, doctors, patients, medical equipment/device providers, health insurance providers, pharmacies to name a few. Keys reasons for the increasing demand for healthcare services include population ageing, increasing prevalence of chronic diseases and quest for a higher quality of life.

With a rising number of healthcare service providers and digitization, people are becoming more aware of a plethora of treatment options available. As a result, people are becoming increasingly demanding in terms of quality of service, transparency, personalized care, consistent communication, cost of care, etc. They are more likely to take the second opinion and switch providers in case of unsatisfactory service. Like any other industry, it faces fierce competition for patient outreach and retention. As a result, service providers around the globe are looking out for ways to differentiate themselves by offering innovative, cost-effective, patient-centric, technology powered health care.

In order to cope up with such dynamic and demanding environment, there arises a need for the healthcare service providers not to be laggards in terms of technology adoption but embrace the digital adoption at a fast pace. This will not only help them bring in operational efficiencies but also proactively manage Patient Experience throughout the lifecycle.

We at Alletec have empowered several healthcare service providers in driving this digital adoption.

PATIENT+ Healthcare solution from Alletec, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM platform, is designed to help mid-sized to large healthcare organizations build a Patient-Centric model by enabling them to enhance Patient Experience with a simplified rendition of medical care, automated communication, greater information transparency & better after-care relationships. This helps build positive Patient sentiments & sustained trust – leading to higher retention, word-of-mouth referrals, and overall healthy Patient Relationships.

Alletec’s Patient+ Solution Landscape:

To understand how our Patient+ Healthcare solution has helped the healthcare providers in their journey of redefining the relationship with their patients.

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