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Why Azure IaaS For Your Cloud Infrastructure Needs?

World’s largest cloud network with 54 regions worldwide gives you the ability to scale globally with great ease.

Unmatched computation capabilities with 960 CPU threads, way ahead of any other public cloud.

The Azure cloud offers you plans upto 24 TB of memory, that’s practically infinite memory for any enterprise.

Azure cloud boasts of 160,000 IOPS (Input/Output operations Per Second) on a single disk, 100,000 IOPS on file storage and 3.7 Million IOPS on local storage, higher than any other competitor in the market.

100 GBPS ultra-fast hybrid cloud networking enables Azure to handle work-loads which are beyond computation capabilities of any on-premise infrastructure.

With more than 90 compliance standard offerings, Azure ensures Global compliance to help you scale across geographies with ease. Popular compliances include

  • ISO 27018
  • SOC 1,2,3
  • GDPR
  • EBA

Benefits of Azure IaaS For Your Business

Pay As You Go

Microsoft Azure is an open and transparent platform, you pay for what you use and when you use. You start with a small infrastructure, the system automatically assesses your needs and recommends you to move to a higher tier when needed. If there is an instantaneous spike in traffic or resource needs, the system temporarily scales up your system and scales down at the end of the spike. This per-minute pay as you go billing saves a lot of resources.


Azure cloud is compliant with 90+ global compliance standards. This is a result of the highest standards of security among other features of the Azure cloud. Azure cloud is intelligent and responds immediately to every threat.

Disaster Recovery

Microsoft Azure offers unmatched disaster recovery capabilities, ensuring complete peace of mind in case of a disaster. Sensitive information is always there on the backup server even when there is a fatal error in your primary system.

Our Services

Infrastructure Consulting

Alletec offers Azure consulting services to its clients to help them understand their needs and suggest the best infrastructure setup to meet their needs while ensuring minimal billing for the same. Our consultants study your needs and make recommendations on migration and propose to add or remove services.

Cloud Setup & Migration

Alletec, being a Microsoft Gold partner for Azure Infrastructure Services, has helped more than 50 customers to build and deploy cloud infrastructure. We have helped customers reduce their overall infrastructure costs while delivering robust and scalable solutions.

We are helping customers in the quick creation of scalable and secure infrastructure while reducing the time and money spent on planning, procurement, and managing on-premise infrastructure.

Application Deployment & Hosting

Application deployment and hosting solutions help you focus on your website, web or mobile application while the Alletec Azure team addresses all your infrastructure needs. We help you choose the best platform and services that boost your application’s performance and help your team with easy deployment and hosting.

Deploying Hybrid Environments

Moving to the cloud is a smart decision. However, most of the organizations fail to make a smooth transition to the cloud due to lack of a planned and secure migration handled by a professional team. Alletec, an Azure Gold Partner plans hybrid migration for your business, moving your sensitive data first. Hybrid migration leverages cloud while using your existing on-premise infrastructure.

Infrastructure Cost Optimization

There is a scope of enormous cost-cutting on your cloud implementation. You can choose a different bouquet of solutions and services, drop a few, add a few new services to bring down your monthly cloud infrastructure expenses. Alletec has a dedicated cloud optimization team that takes care of all the optimization needs of its clients.

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