Why Azure PaaS For Your Applications?

Cut the coding time

Pre-coded application components available on PaaS development tools cut the coding time by leveraging pre-built functions like workflows, directory services, security features, search etc.

Add development capabilities

Platform as a Service component provides new capabilities to your development team without the need of hiring new staff for those skills.

Develop for multiple platforms

Develop apps which seamlessly work on all platforms with great ease. Azure PaaS apps allow you to deploy the same app for multiple devices like computers, browsers, mobile devices, etc.

Affordable Sophisticated tools

The pay-as-you-go model of Azure allows you to subscribe and use sophisticated tools and services which are not affordable to purchase outright for most of the organizations.

Geo-distributed development

Microsoft Azure empowers your development teams spread across geographies to work in a seamless, cohesive environment which they can access from anywhere using the internet, even from remote locations.

Manage Application Life Cycles with Great Efficiency

From application building, testing, deployment, to the later stages of management and updates, the Azure PaaS provides you with every capability you need to thrive within the integrated environment.

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Azure PaaS Web Apps

Azure PaaS provides you ability to develop web applications quickly on popular development platforms like Java, Python, PHP, Node.JS, etc. Azure PaaS offers pre-built platform installation tools which take away your initial setup worries so that you can focus on core development.

Azure PaaS Functional Apps

The Azure platform has partnered with hundreds of popular functional app providers across the globe to enhance the capabilities of your web applications with a few clicks. The functional apps seamlessly integrate with your core application with no integration glitches or errors. Some apps are tailored to give you a seamless experience on the Azure platform.


Azure PaaS Mobile Apps

Multiple mobile platforms need multiple environments for your business app to run on them. For your app to run seamlessly on iOS, Android and other platforms, you need a robust back end platform which hosts your core app and integrates it with SDKs of all major mobile operating systems. Advanced features like offline data sync and push notification setup enhance the user experience of your app users.

Azure PaaS AI/BI Apps

Artificial intelligence and Business intelligence tools of Azure PaaS empower thousands of businesses around the world to make smart choices, forecast future bottlenecks and improve customer experiences. AI & BI tools help in every business decision, from product design, business processes, to marketing campaigns, these tools are helping businesses move ahead of the competition. Security, intelligent workflows, smart scheduling are a few popular products of Microsoft Azure AI platform.


Azure PaaS Development Frameworks

Azure PaaS development framework supports rapid application development with pre-built components, geo-distributed development and easy integration with hundreds of functional applications from popular vendors around the world. These apps not only reduce the development time of your application but also continuously improve your app with constant updates on the third party components. Additional functionalities like multi-tenancy, multiple environment support etc. help you scale your app quickly.

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