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How To Make Data Driven Decisions - Quickly & Effectively?
Dinesh Kaul
CEO, Control Electric Company

Create a Unified Database

Our biggest challenge was that each department was working on a different database. This was the cause of various problems. For instance, the costing team would have its own database – it would do a costing, give it to the marketing officer who would then send it to the client and get the order. Once the order was booked, the design team took over. Now they had a different database to work upon and sometimes it clashed with what the marketing officer had quoted for. Sometimes the marketing officer himself had an issue that the design team would add something on a bill of material but not cost for it. Or conversely, sometimes they would cost for something and not mention it – so the  Read More

Discover The Ultimate Key to Customer Satisfaction
Jayan Nair
Director, Riya Travel & Tours (P) Ltd

Deliver Consistent Customer Experiences

We operate our travel & tour business in India from 53 branches, each of which maintained independent accounts & databases. Such decentralization created a problem – all the branches had control over their independent operations but none of them was aware of what was happening in other branches.

Realizing the magnitude of problem, we decided to make a technological shift – to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This changed our lives for the better.

Previously, the branches were totally disconnected from each other as there was no common platform to share information. If, for instance, a high priority customer of the Delhi branch was travelling to Cochin, and visited the respective branch to make a purchase; the branch – oblivious of the customer history & importance – would not  Read More

This Is How a Small Business Owner Saved Manpower Cost
Dinesh Kaul
Owner & CEO, Control Electric Company

Providing multi-skill training to employees has enabled us to do more with relatively less manpower

ERP certainly brought my entire organization on a single database; but it also resulted in the need to train my existing employees in different fields. Earlier we would have needed special skills for each department because my whole organization was driven by skills of individuals, not by a standard system. Now that I have a standard system I would like to make better use of my manpower. I have realized that a lot of changes are needed to make effective use of our Microsoft Dynamics ERP – I need to change some of my processes also.

For instance, if I want the person responsible for purchase to be able to invoice my client, he needs  Read More

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Harsco Rail - International Rail Tracks Supplier - Implements Dynamics CRM

"Alletec team did a great job in understanding our requirements, providing solutions and customizing the out-of-box CRM package to meet our specific requirements. Their attention to details, support, dedication and patience are worth appreciating. We look forward to sustained partnership and potential opportunities in the future."

David Baxter
Director - Global Commercial Operations
Harsco Rail
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