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A Successful ERP - Fact or Myth?
Anju M Bhoyar
AVP - Finance & Legal, Spack Automotives

An ERP is what you make of it

Our main concern from the very beginning – when we talked to Alletec or when we started looking for an ERP – has always been inventory. To get accurate inventory levels at any given point of time has been the main focus area. And a lot of other people at that time told me that “You’ll get everything else from the ERP, but the inventory levels.” So we were quite determined to prove that wrong.

When we started the ERP, we had taken a very conscious decision that we will not do any customization. We didn’t start with a feeling that we will modify it to our convenience. We decided to try and use it the way it is.

When we start something,  Read More

Why Your Pre-ERP Implementation Assumptions Matter?
Sudhir Bhargava
Executive VP - Corporate Finance,

Assumptions & Expectations Keep Changing - Eventually Delaying The Implementation

Before you embark on the ERP journey, you should be clear on what do you want from it.

I think we started somewhere in 2007. It took nearly 2 years of work. You have to be very flexible because lots of people just abandon it saying that “It should have been done by now, so we are not going to continue.” You need to be very flexible both in terms of time & budget; because many a times, businesses just put the blame on a system or a vendor but the fact is that they themselves were not very clear. Their understanding evolves as time passes – changing their expectations from the system – in turn delaying the process. Evolving needs make  Read More

The Right Enterprise Solution Choice - To Build Or To Buy?
Dinesh Kaul
Owner & CEO, Control Electric Company

Buy What You Can & Build What You Must

It took us 10 years to get the right solution. Earlier, we had tried both developing our own solution and hunting the market for an ERP but they were too costly. My small business could not afford that kind of an investment.

Once I had got hold of some software developers who said they could develop an ERP for me – these were some of the very well-known players in the field who were catering specifically to our industry, i.e. electrical control panels. They didn’t make ERP for any other type of company. We engaged them as well; but at some level of development it always failed. We had devoted 10 years into trying to get an ERP made or something  Read More

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Harsco Rail - International Rail Tracks Supplier - Implements Dynamics CRM

"Alletec team did a great job in understanding our requirements, providing solutions and customizing the out-of-box CRM package to meet our specific requirements. Their attention to details, support, dedication and patience are worth appreciating. We look forward to sustained partnership and potential opportunities in the future."

David Baxter
Director - Global Commercial Operations
Harsco Rail
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