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How to Overcome Post ERP Implementation Issues?
T.V. Murali
CFO, NTPC Alstom

Give & Take Serious Feedback

Implementing partners should seek & action feedback from customers; it is very crucial. Customer feedback is very important. It will act as a certificate for you. During and post an implementations, problems are inevitable. It’s all a matter of how they are handled. Endless exchange of mails and blame games don’t do any good. We, Indians, are very good at blaming each other; we never appreciate each other. We are mostly cynical and rarely look at the brighter side of things. So whenever an issue crops us, the implementing company & the solution partner end up shooting reproaching mails to each other.

A better way of approaching the problems is to acknowledge them and find a way to overcome them. The first & foremost step  Read More

How High is the Success Probability of Your ERP/CRM Implementation?
T.V. Murali
CFO, NTPC Alstom

Probability of Success is Higher When the Project Is Led by an Experienced Professional

Any organization implementing ERP or CRM solution should have (or hire if the need arises) a professional with past ERP or CRM implementation experiences – irrespective of the product. This is imperative because a good amount of maturity & experience (both functionally as well as in the system) is needed in the person driving the implementation internally. The person must be able to quickly understand what is going on in the organization and how it can be translated into a solution. A trainee or a newbie wouldn’t be qualified or have adequate maturity to perform such a job. 

Creating a new system environment in an organization is a big deal – and it should be perfect.  Read More

How to Retain Your Data During New ERP Implementation?
T.V. Murali
CFO, NTPC Alstom

Pay Adequate Attention to Data Migration

It is important for an organization to have the required amount of expertise to ensure smooth migration of data from existing system to the new system. Even though the actual migration is largely done by the partner, the support has to come from the implementing business organization in terms of ensuring that the partner understands the data points and their significance.

For instance, if your partner gives you a certain template or format, you must provide all the data in that particular format to prevent field mismatch during migration. Requisite proofs should also be provided as attachments & annexures. For example, if a creditor balance of INR 1000 exists and you have named invoices that sum up to INR 1000, then those invoices should  Read More

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Harsco Rail - International Rail Tracks Supplier - Implements Dynamics CRM

"Alletec team did a great job in understanding our requirements, providing solutions and customizing the out-of-box CRM package to meet our specific requirements. Their attention to details, support, dedication and patience are worth appreciating. We look forward to sustained partnership and potential opportunities in the future."

David Baxter
Director - Global Commercial Operations
Harsco Rail
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